Is PEP Right For You?


PEP or Post-exposure prophylaxis is a smart way to prevent HIV infection after a possible recent exposure. PEP involves taking antiretroviral medications within 72 hours after a single high-risk event to help prevent HIV from making copies of itself and spreading throughout your body.

If you think you are at risk (if you were exposed to HIV during sex, if you shared needles during IV drug use, if you were exposed to HIV at work (or elsewhere) via a needle stick injury or you were a victim of sexual assault, please contact us immediately.



Compounding For Dogs


For many of us, having to give our dog meds can be intimidating on the best of days. And when you utilize specialized and compounded medication for your pup, things can get really formidable. Here is the good news – it really isn’t as tough as it seems – check out our helpful video to see how easy it really can be.


Heart Failure: Proper Management Improves Quality of Life


Whether you have heart failure or not, our friends at Virginia Mason Medical Center encourage everyone to take care of their heart to enjoy a lifetime of better health. Please enjoy more from Sara Weiss, MD – Dr. Weiss is a board-certified cardiologist who specializes in heart failure management, echocardiography, and women and cardiovascular

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Credentialing for Washington State Community Pharmacists


We are celebrating the fact that our community pharmacists have been officially recognized by select Washington State insurance plans as providers of clinical services. Studies and practice-based experience have shown that when pharmacists are involved as members of the health care team, patient outcomes improve, patients report higher rates of satisfaction

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WA State Overdose Prevention and Naloxone Response Video


It only takes a few minutes to learn how to save a life. Watch this video to learn more:

• What causes an opioid overdose
• How to recognize an opioid overdose
• What to do in case of overdose
• How to give naloxone

This is the only video specific to WA State, this training covers overdose risks, the WA State Good Samaritan Law and shows a step-by-step demonstration on what to do in an opioid overdose (including rescue breathing and naloxone).

For more great information, we invite you to visit: StopOverdose.org


Spring Season Can Be Allergy Season


Spring means flower buds and blooming trees — and if you’re one of the millions of people who have seasonal allergies, it also means sneezing, congestion, a runny nose and other bothersome symptoms. If you sneeze and cough, or your nose and eyes itch and are runny during certain times

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Medication Disposal Program [Video]



It is important to dispose of unwanted or expired medications and remove these from your home to prevent accidental exposure or misuse. Although placing medications directly into the trash is better for our environment than flushing them down the toilet, it is still not recommended. If found in the trash, some medications could be abused by others. Medications are best disposed of through Medication Take-Back Programs. Click here for more information about drop-off locations in King County.

It is important to note that there are a few, specific medications that are high risk for causing potential harm if used by someone other than who it was prescribed for. It is important that these medications be disposed of promptly to keep your family and pets safe from accidental exposure. For this safety reason the FDA has issued a list of flushable medications for immediate disposal. Click here for a complete list of FDA flushable medications.

For at home use, a medication disposal product called DRUGBUSTER is a safe alternative for disposing of medications into the trash and may be a more convenient option for those that do not have a drop-off location in their area. DRUGBUSTER contains a solution that neutralizes and dissolves medications so that it can be safely placed into the regular trash. These may be found at local pharmacies for purchase.

In addition to Medication Take-Back Programs, there are also National Medication Take-Back Days that happen twice annually, once in the spring and fall. On these days there will be additional sites available for removal of old medications and they serve as a great reminder to clean out unwanted or expired medications from your home. Click here to find the dates for these Take-Back Days and more information about the locations available for disposal.

At Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group, we offer two central locations with Medication Take-Back units – one within our Kelley-Ross Pharmacy at The Polyclinic 904 7th Ave, Suite 103 Seattle, WA 98104 and Kelley-Ross Union Center Pharmacy at 2324 Eastlake Ave E, Suite 405 Seattle, WA 98102.


Smoking and Aging


OVER 60? IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO QUIT SMOKING WITH THESE 6 QUESTIONS If you’re a smoker over 60 years old, there’s a good chance you’ve tried to quit smoking before. And, you might not see much reason to try again now. Perhaps you’re convinced it would be too hard

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Cats and Compounded Medications [Video]


If you are a cat owner, you may have asked yourself how you administer the medications recommended by your veterinarian (or compounding pharmacy). Our pharmacy staff recognize that this can pose a real challenge to cat owners and the health of their furry friends. We have many options to assist you.

Watch as we offer two unique solutions for your cat’s wellness!

Kelley-Ross is an independently owned corporation operating 4 pharmacies in Seattle. Kelley-Ross provides a wide range of pharmacy services, including prescription dispensing, compounding, medi-set packaging, compliance packaging, long-term care facility services, consultant pharmacist services, immunizations and a variety of health screenings.

We provide Clinical Community Care. This means that our staff combines expert medication therapy management and clinical skills, with caring, patient centered pharmacy services. By using the triad approach – patient, provider and pharmacist – we can help patients maximize their healthcare resources while achieving optimal health outcomes.

Our high service level and commitment to problem solving has made Kelley-Ross the pharmacy of choice for patients and providers across the Northwest.