Kelley-Ross’s Plan of Action: COVID-19


Life in the time of the coronavirus disease pandemic has been unlike anything most of us have ever experienced. Between the unfamiliarity of life while social distancing and the uncertainty of what the future holds, we all have experienced some degree of loss and struggle over the past few weeks.

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Celebrate Pharmacy!

We are always excited for a reason to celebrate here at Kelley-Ross. And what better to celebrate than our own profession?! October is Pharmacy Month and we have spent the last 31 days appreciating our jobs and the impact we have on our community. We are so privileged to work with many passionate people who put their patients first and push the envelope of traditional pharmacy practice.

To help keep the good times rolling into November, here are some thoughts from our incredible staff on why we LOVE working in pharmacy:

Amanda McPeak


“My favorite thing about being a pharmacist is the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, whether that is through an improved health outcome, or by providing a safe listening ear.

Pharmacists are important because we are the link between medicine and health, we help apply the expertise of doctors and scientists to individual patients to improve their health and quality of life.”

Amanda McPeak – Kelley-Ross Long Term Care




Akari Nakauchi

“I like working in pharmacy because it’s very rewarding to help people who are going through difficulty and vulnerability in life. Also, I love learning and educating myself about healthcare system in US and how it works by looking at it from financial perspective. Working in KR has been the one of the best thing happened in my life for me being around with such an amazing, talented and caring people.

Pharmacies are unique because they can provide services remotely from anywhere as long as you have the information about the patient. It has a huge potential in helping and serving people who are suffering from diseases all over the world especially the world is becoming smaller and smaller with better logistics and technologies.”

Akari Nakauchi – Kelley-Ross Bookkeeping Team



Amanda McPeak, Anne Houk, Trina Wayman, Lauren McHugh, Loan Truong, & Katie Maldonado on Women in Pharmacy Day!

“My favorite thing about pharmacy is being able to help people that are sick and in need. I love talking to patients and caregivers. Pharmacies are very important because people who are sick or ill need medications to help their diseases. Some pharmacies are unique in the fact that they have clinical pharmacists who go to peoples homes and help them with their medications and many other things besides dispensing.”

Trina Wayman – Kelley-Ross Long Term Care

“I love working in pharmacy because it’s a constantly changing field, and there is always something new to learn.”

Katie Maldonado – Kelley-Ross Tong Term Care




Kyle Sullivan

“I like working in pharmacy because I enjoy solving simple problems that end up making large changes in patients lives. Having a different perspective can be an advantage for patients who have struggled to understand a medication question. Reaching that “oh yeah” moment always feels like a victory.

Pharmacies are important because they are the most accessible form of healthcare for the majority people. Not one pharmacy is the same and the culture, atmosphere and service is a reflection upon the individuals working within the pharmacy. This allows for personalized care and patient interactions on a much more regular basis which hopefully results in  improved patient experience and outcomes.”

Kyle Sullivan – Kelley-Ross Compounding


Iris Auslander & Katie Millikan


“Our favorite thing about working in pharmacy is that we get to work for an amazing company and with an awesome group of people every day. Plus we get the chance to help our patients on a more personal level that truly does fit with the company motto of ‘caring is our chemistry.'”

Katie Millikan & Iris Auslander – Kelley-Ross Union Center Pharmacy





Katie Mahan, Stephanie Decker, Annalisa Thomas, Elyse Tung, Lynley Vitollo, Jasmine Amoo, and Katie Amoo

“Pharmacies are unique because they are usually ideally located for patients to easily and quickly access care. This opens the door to many possible creative healthcare delivery models, like PrEP!

I love pharmacy because I like treating patients, and providing them the medicines/treatments/advice they need to live healthier and fuller lives. We’re typically the final stop in healthcare for them, and I like being in that role.”

Annalisa Thomas – Kelley-Ross at the Polyclinic


As you can see, we have a team full of passionate people who love what they do. We are so thankful for our Kelley-Ross team and for a profession that pushes us to be the best we can be.


We are happy to celebrate pharmacy all year long!


Student Spotlight – Mark Iancu PharmD Candidate 2018


Getting the Most Out of Your Meds Pharmaceutical therapy is an important aspect of medical treatment. A great way to think about the role medication plays is thinking of it as only one of the multiple tires on a car; you need to properly inflate all tires if you want

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Summer Health Tips


Summer sun is here in Seattle and we couldn’t be happier!  This is the time of year we receive many questions about sunscreen and we wanted to share the recommendations from the American Academy of Dermatology.  If you want further information about sunscreen and the recommendations below please visit SpotSkinCancer.org. 

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News: In-home visits from pharmacist helped reduce readmission rates


Great news article from Qualis Health: “A Seattle-based community pharmacy and hospital recently partnered on an intervention that uses in-home visits and follow-up phone calls from pharmacists to substantially reduce rehospitalizations among heart-failure patients. In Idaho, 17.1% of Medicare’s heart failure patients are rehospitalized within 30 days; in Washington, that

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Is PEP Right For You?


PEP or Post-exposure prophylaxis is a smart way to prevent HIV infection after a possible recent exposure. PEP involves taking antiretroviral medications within 72 hours after a single high-risk event to help prevent HIV from making copies of itself and spreading throughout your body.

If you think you are at risk (if you were exposed to HIV during sex, if you shared needles during IV drug use, if you were exposed to HIV at work (or elsewhere) via a needle stick injury or you were a victim of sexual assault, please contact us immediately.



Compounding For Dogs


For many of us, having to give our dog meds can be intimidating on the best of days. And when you utilize specialized and compounded medication for your pup, things can get really formidable. Here is the good news – it really isn’t as tough as it seems – check out our helpful video to see how easy it really can be.

Kelley-Ross is an independently owned corporation operating 4 pharmacies in Seattle. Kelley-Ross provides a wide range of pharmacy services, including prescription dispensing, compounding, medi-set packaging, compliance packaging, long-term care facility services, consultant pharmacist services, immunizations and a variety of health screenings.

We provide Clinical Community Care. This means that our staff combines expert medication therapy management and clinical skills, with caring, patient centered pharmacy services. By using the triad approach – patient, provider and pharmacist – we can help patients maximize their healthcare resources while achieving optimal health outcomes.

Our high service level and commitment to problem solving has made Kelley-Ross the pharmacy of choice for patients and providers across the Northwest.