Aging – we all do it. And, unfortunately, as we age our biology changes. This may include weakened eyesight, decreased hearing abilities and a general loss of muscle mass. Fortunately, not all aging symptoms are inevitable.

Though commonly found in adults over 65 accelerated muscle loss diagnosed as sarcopenia, may be avoidable. Sarcopenia is a progressive loss of muscle mass and/or quality characterized by a decline in muscle strength and/or physical performance. It is a condition commonly found in the geriatric population and can be compounded by lifestyle issues, such as suboptimal diet or lack of exercise. It generally starts at about age 40 and, for most people, progressively accelerates after age 65, affecting muscle size, strength and performance.

It can diminish a person’s ability to do everyday activities such as lifting objects and climbing stairs. Sarcopenia impacts an estimated 25% of the U.S. population age 60 and older, generating medical costs of more than $18.5 billion annually. The disease can be compounded by lifestyle issues, such as a poor diet or lack of exercise.

For example, it is know that adequate exercise is essential to healthy muscle metabolism. However, a sedentary lifestyle can have a direct and negative impact on sarcopenia. Muscle loss can cause a patient’s capacity for physical activity to become lower, making it even more difficult for aging patients to practice a variety of movements.

Poor nutrition is also a critical factor that can accelerate the muscle loss process. Sarcopenia patients are often observed to have nutritional deficiencies. Eating enough quality protein and consuming amino acids can be fundamental to muscle synthesis.

Fortunately, in addition to maintaining a proper diet and exercise routine, recent studies have proved that a proprietary formulation of astaxanthin, an exceptionally powerful antioxidant, significantly benefits sarcopenia patients. According to Dr. Kevin Conley, Ph.D., professor of radiology at the University of Washington School of Medicine, “We saw improvement in strength, endurance and mobility among our study participants who took astaxanthin medicinal formula with a moderate exercise plan. This gives clinicians an option for their patients who cannot make the substantial lifestyle changes required to halt the crippling impact of muscle loss.”

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