Naloxone Program

Naloxone Can Save Lives

Narcan Product ImageTo help combat the affliction of opiate addiction and overdose, we promote the use of Naloxone (trade name Narcan®) and the use of a take-home Naloxone Kit.

Naloxone is an antidote for opiate overdose and if administered in time, it can save lives. Naloxone nasal spray works by blocking opioid drugs, such as heroin and methadone, from attaching to opioid receptors in the brain.

Naloxone is often administered by authorized medical personnel and first responders. However, it can also saves lives when administered by trained family and friends.

We have partnered with Public Health-Seattle King County and the University of Washington Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute to provide Take Home Naloxone Kits to anyone who needs it.

If you are interested in learning more about obtaining Take Home Naloxone Kit, click here.

For additional information, visit StopOverdose.org and Prescribe to Prevent.

To help take the confusion out of using any one of the top four Naloxone brands (in the US), we offer the following compilation of training videos covering: Narcan® Nasal Spray, Intranasal Naloxone, Injectable Naloxone and EVZIO.

These are short, precise and easy to watch instructional videos presented by our Clinical Pharmacist: Allyson Eichner, PharmD:

Narcan® Nasal Spray

Intranasal Naloxone

Injectable Naloxone


Washington State Naloxone Training Video

Did you know?

  • Our pharmacists can prescribe, dispense and teach you about this life saving medication in a single 20 minute appointment.
  • We were the first pharmacy in Washington to provide Take-Home Naloxone Kits (THNK).
  • The median age of a THN patient is 57 years old.
  • We provide group trainings and consults for over 40 different outreach groups, including SAMA, THS, Youthcare, DESC, and many more.
  • We are recognized locally and nationally for our work with opioid cases. Three of the parters at Kelley-Ross have won a major award for our work with Naloxone.
  • Naloxone has been around since 1972, but only over the last decade or so has it been available to take home for patients.

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