Student Pharmacist Spotlight #2

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imagesAsk ten pharmacists why they do what they do, and you will get at least ten different answers. What you won’t hear is “I like to count by 5’s” or “I want to stand behind a counter and look down on people.” This recurring blog feature shines a light on what really motivates pharmacists and pharmacy residents.

Profile 2: Aimee Cooke, PharmD Candidate 2016

Q: How did you develop an interest in healthcare and pharmacy?

A: I took a rather odd route into pharmacy school. I came to Seattle via Minnesota to attend the Cornish College of the Arts and pursue a career in dance.One of the classes I took was anatomy and it really piqued my interest to learn how the body works. I started taking other science classes like physiology and biochemistry to learn more about how foods, medicines, and other substances can work in the body. A friend was starting pharmacy school and it seemed interesting so I became a pharmacy technician. It probably it took me all of a week to decide that I wanted to become a pharmacist.

Q: What convinced you that you should pursue your interest and attend pharmacy school?

A: I loved watching the pharmacist interact with patients, listening to their concerns, informing them and reassuring them about the medications they are taking or the illness that they are trying to recover from. I am passionate about contributing to the health, safety, and wellness of patients in need. I know that it will take not only all of the knowledge I have gained in school, but a lifetime of learning to consistently provide the highest level of care.

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