Pharmacists are passionate about the quality and integrity of the medicines we dispense and want to provide the best care to patients. In fact, the pharmacy profession as it is recognized today was created out of a movement to protect the public from adulterated and misbranded medications. We know that the counterfeit medications circulating in our community are deadly dangerous and there is more we can do to raise awareness and keep each other safe

King County Public Health is launching Laced & Lethal, a campaign to increase awareness of fentanyl-laced drugs and to promote youth access to the opioid reversal agent, Naloxone. 

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People with food allergies carry an EpiPen in case of emergency. People taking insulin for their diabetes might carry glucagon to 
reverse dangerously low blood sugar. Why shouldn’t others carry Naloxone?

Naloxone (Narcan) is a life-saving medication administered to reverse an opioid overdose. It does not matter if the opioids were prescription pills taken by mouth or heroin that was injected, Naloxone will work either way. If someone has taken multiple drugs or is crossed Naloxone will only work to counteract the opioids in their system. Most importantly, it is essential to ensure medical help in on the way.

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In partnership with the Washington State Department of Health and the People’s Harm Reduction Alliance, King County is now part of the statewide naloxone mail order program. This mail order program is intended for individual residents only – no schools, businesses, organizations, or institutions. This mail order program is for people who do not have insurance coverage, or access to a community organization or pharmacy.

Please visit PHRA directly to place your free order of naloxone in Washington State.

Friends don’t let friends use alone      Carry Naloxone      Save a friend’s life