DID YOU KNOW that children are much more likely to suffer ear infections than adults? That’s because their Eustachian tubes, the tubes that connect the middle ear to the back of the nose, are smaller and more level/horizontal than in adults. This makes it harder for fluids to drain out, and easier for the tubes to get blocked during common colds. Your child’s doctor may prescribe ear drops to help treat an ear infections.

Ear infections are painful, and naturally, your child will not want you to administer their ear drops because their ear is painful. Based on your child’s age and personality, discover how they best accept the medicine.

  1. Communicate – if your child is old enough, communicate with them. They may be more willing to cooperate when they understand the reason.
  2. Give them choices – “Do you want to do your right ear, or left ear first?” or “Where would you like to lay down while the drops are settling in your ear?”
  3. Distract them – Play their favorite TV show, talk to them, or tell them a story as they lay still.
  4. Catch them while they’re sleeping – Be quite and gentle while administering drops.
  5. WATCH THIS FUN VIDEO WITH YOUR CHILD to learn how to properly administer ear drops.

If you have questions about how to administer oral medicines to children please visit our other post on this subject.