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Naloxone Toolkit For Providers and Pharmacies: FAQ's

We have developed a toolkit and prepared materials that you may need to implement your own Take Home Naloxone program. You may share and adapt these documents to fit your own practice site needs.

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a-iconPhysicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants in Washington State who have prescriptive authority may prescribe Take Home Naloxone to anyone at risk for having or witnessing an opioid overdose (prescription opioids or heroin) according to WA law RCW 69.50.315.

Pharmacists can prescribe and dispense Naloxone directly to the public under a Washington State Standing Order.

a-iconIn Washington State, pharmacists may use the WA Standing Order.

For sample prescriptions, click here.

If Naloxone is not available in your area, your pharmacy may first need to order the medication.

a-iconYes. Studies have shown that the success rates of administering IN Naloxone range from 73% to 91%, which is consistent with IM Naloxone.

a-iconFor Intramuscular (IM) Injection:

  • Naloxone 0.4mg/ml 1ml vial, 10pack, NDC 00409-1215-01

For Intranasal (IN) administration:

  • Naloxone 1mg/ml 2ml Pre-filled syringe (PFS), 10 pack, NDC 76329-3369-01

a-iconThere are a couple of different options to get the nasal atomizers:

a-iconYou can find a good resource for Good Samaritan laws in the United States here. The University of Washington’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute also maintains an informative page on Good Samaritan Laws here.

a-iconThe prescription must be written for the individual you are seeing. You cannot write the prescription or bill someone else’s insurance for someone with whom you do not have a provider-patient relationship.

a-iconMost consults take approximately 20 minutes to go through the training and prescribe the Naloxone.

a-iconThere are four popular styles of Naloxone. They include: Narcan® Nasal Spray, Intranasal Naloxone, Injectable Naloxone and EVZIO. All do an outstanding job and although they all counter the effects of an opioid overdose, they do it in very different ways.

Watch these helpful training videos to see how they all work:

To help take the confusion out of using any one of the top four Naloxone brands (in the US), we offer the following compilation of training videos covering: Narcan® Nasal Spray, Intranasal Naloxone, Injectable Naloxone and EVZIO.

These are short, precise and easy to watch instructional videos presented by our Clinical Pharmacist: Allyson Eichner, PharmD:

Narcan® Nasal Spray

Intranasal Naloxone

Injectable Naloxone


This is a full length version including all four Naloxone training videos, please click here:

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