Heart To Heart Partnership with Virginia Mason

Kelley-Ross Pharmacy GroupHeart To Heart Partnership with Virginia Mason

Welcome to the Heart To Heart program, the transition of care program between Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group, Virginia Mason Medical Center, and three leading Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) partners!

One in 4 patients with heart failure that leave the hospital will end up going back to the hospital within 30 days of being discharged. This exciting new program was designed to dramatically increase the level of care when patients diagnosed with heart failure transition from the hospital to their home, and also when they transition from the hospital, to a skilled nursing facility, to their own home.

The goals of our collaborative program includes:
     i.     Promoting safe care transitions of heart failure patients from Virginia Mason to the SNF and then to the home

     ii.    Reducing 30-day readmissions of heart failure patients

     iii.    Improving the safe use of medications when patients return to their independent living environment, through the use of expertly trained Pharmacists 

Data Summary:

More on Virginia Mason’s Heart to Heart Program: virginiamason.org/heart

More on the Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group In-Home Medication Coaching program: kelley-ross.com/cpi/mtm

More on the three Skilled Nursing Facilities include:
• Kline Galland 
• Washington Care Center
• Anderson House 

Training materials

Interesting in more data? Here is our most up to date poster, highlighting all of our most recent findings – this poster was highlighted during the 2017 Qualis Health Northwest Patient Safety Conference lunch

Please feel free to checkout the Partner Leave Behind for more information.

To refer a patient:

For questions on patient referrals, please contact the Kelley-Ross Clinical Pharmacy Institute at: P: 206.838.4587
All referrals should be faxed to: F: 206.971.5076 OR E:

Special Acknowledgement
We would like to thank our contributors who have helped fund our work in the Heart to Heart program.

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