In-Home Medication Coaching

Take the guesswork out of medication management with in-home clinical services

AZTOverall medication-related morbidity/mortality costs in the United States have been estimated at $170 billion annually. Nearly 50% of elderly patients in the community have reported at least one medication related problem. When looking specifically at patients leaving the hospital, this increases to an estimated 72%-81% of ALL patients encountering at least one medication related problem.*

So what’s going on?

To a growing segment of our population, taking medications can often be confusing – especially if a patient is taking a lot of meds to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And too often, over time, patients may have more than one doctor prescribing meds for one thing, while another doctor is prescribing something for an unrelated issue. We see it every day and meet so many people that find themselves simply becoming overwhelmed by it all.

This is where our pharmacists step in. Partnering with medical providers, nursing staff, and case managers. We turn chaos into order.

We work directly with your patient in any setting (home, clinic, facility) to assess their strengths, weaknesses, and develop innovative solutions for their medication related problems. We see all manner of patients, all types of disease states, and a multitude of different problems.

We have been pioneering unique in-home clinical services for years. Our training as pharmacists, extensive experience over years of in-home service, and dedicated resources make us the optimal choice for providing medication coaching services.

Watch these great videos for more information: 

What Is In-Home Medication Coaching?

At Home With In-Home Medication Coaching


Did you know?

Pharmacists can practice in a variety of settings, not just a pharmacy. They can be found in hospitals, clinics, even making visits to your home.

Kelley-Ross is an independently owned corporation operating 4 pharmacies in Seattle. Kelley-Ross provides a wide range of pharmacy services, including prescription dispensing, compounding, medi-set packaging, compliance packaging, long-term care facility services, consultant pharmacist services, immunizations and a variety of health screenings.

We provide Clinical Community Care. This means that our staff combines expert medication therapy management and clinical skills, with caring, patient centered pharmacy services. By using the triad approach – patient, provider and pharmacist – we can help patients maximize their healthcare resources while achieving optimal health outcomes.

Our high service level and commitment to problem solving has made Kelley-Ross the pharmacy of choice for patients and providers across the Northwest.