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Offering The Best In OB/GYN Care

A note from our Compounding Pharmacy Manager: Roland Lopez, PharmD, FACA, FACVP

Our team at Kelley-Ross Compounding Pharmacy (part of the Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group) are leading experts in compounding medications for OB and GYN patients.

Our pharmacists:
• Offer your team and patients the very best in personalized, compounded medications

• Consult and exchange ideas with leading providers

• Regularly review current research

• Attend seminars that focus on current issues and advances in gynecology

• Revise compounded formulations to reflect current recommendations

Our customized formulations include all purpose nipple ointments, vaginal suppositories, and hormone replacement therapies. If you are a patient, we can work with you and your provider to select a personalized solutions.

We are a referral-based compounding facility, centrally located on Seattle’s First Hill, close to many providers and the downtown area.


  • Customized medication can take up to 5-7 business days to prepare. This is due to the on-site and hand-made personalization of all the medications that we prepare.
  • Medications in a Topi-click can be a convenient dosing option. The Topi-click is a storage device and applicator, in one device. It is shaped like a deodorant stick and operates in a similar fashion with each click delivering a standardized amount. We will often use this device with standardized concentrations to provide patient a easy and convenient finger-free application experience.
  • Many suppositories can be formulated with coconut butter, a natural vegetable fatty base. Coconut butter is an excellent moisturizer for dry skin and atrophic tissues.
  • Mini-suppositories are small tablet suppositories that can be formulated with customized with personalized hormone combinations. These are much smaller than conventional suppositories. A typical suppository is approximately 1″in length whereas a mini-suppository tablet is about 1/4″ in diameter. These can be placed with an applicator with less mess than a conventional suppository.
  • Use of a standardized formulation can shorten preparation time, shorten waiting time, and in many cases reduce medication costs.
  • 90 day supplies are available dependent on provider authorization and type of compounded formulation.

Dispensing options

  • Ointments
  • Creams
  • Gels
  • Mini-suppositories
  • Cocoa butter vaginal suppositories
  • Topi-click

Kelley-Ross is an independently owned corporation operating 4 pharmacies in Seattle. Kelley-Ross provides a wide range of pharmacy services, including prescription dispensing, compounding, medi-set packaging, compliance packaging, long-term care facility services, consultant pharmacist services, immunizations and a variety of health screenings.

We provide Clinical Community Care. This means that our staff combines expert medication therapy management and clinical skills, with caring, patient centered pharmacy services. By using the triad approach – patient, provider and pharmacist – we can help patients maximize their healthcare resources while achieving optimal health outcomes.

Our high service level and commitment to problem solving has made Kelley-Ross the pharmacy of choice for patients and providers across the Northwest.